A “Personal” Training Program should be based on “Personal” Goals

TruFit is a one of a kind Personal Training Studio that keeps your goals in mind. What makes us unique? It’s simple, we offer the most complete and comprehensive personal training program available in North Florida. Our evaluation based fitness programs produce over a 90% success rate across ALL demographics. Whether your goal is weight loss, general health & fitness, muscle building or sport specific results, at TruFit you will have the all the tools you need to succeed.

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How effective is your fitness Program?

  • Are failing to lose weight with exercise alone?
  • Are you frustrated with Fad diets?
  • What type of Cardio is most effective for fat burning?
  • How can you strengthen a “bad” knee or injured shoulder?
  • What type of resistance training or weightlifting can increase your sports performance?
  • What Heart Rate Zone should you be training in to increase endurance?

TruFit can make sure your fitness program is complete and based solely on your goals. Regardless of your current level of fitness or physical limitations, such as nagging injuries, our personal trainers have the knowledge, technique and motivation to help you achieve any goals you set.


Weight Loss Injury Rehabilitation Running
Nutritional Coaching Cross Training Swimming
General Fitness Training Olympic and Power Lifting Biking
Balance & Agility Training Power and Strength Training Golf

Are you ready to take the first step?

Contact us today for a FREE consultation. We’ll evaluate your fitness level, review any limitations, listen to your goals, and explain how a customized fitness plan can help you achieve true and quantitative results. We’ll even give you a WEEK OF FREE training to demonstrate our skill and passion for fitness and customer service.

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